Super Mario Run MOD APK 3.0.28 | Unlimited Money, All Unlocked

Super Mario Run Mod Apk is the mod version of the original version of Super Mario Run, where you will get coins, unlimited lives, unlimited money, and free rally tickets. You can enjoy unlocking all six worlds, unlocking each level, unlocking Luigi, unlocking all characters, longer jumper in a single click, remix 10 for free, and much more without paying anything.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk has smooth and exciting gameplay with awesome graphics, stylish jumps, challenging levels, and different obstacles and enemies.

Challenge Friends and Players around the world

Overview of Super Mario Run MOD APK

 App NameSuper Mario Run MOD APK
Latest Version3.0.25
Last UpdatedMay 13, 2022
DeveloperNintendo Co., Ltd.
Requirements4.4 and up
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money


Gameplay of Super Mario Run

The gameplay is quite smooth and easy, and even play with one hand. Players must control the major character Mario by simply tapping because he constantly runs forward. To collect coins and reach your goal, you take midair spins, stylish and wall jumps.

Main Features of Super Mario Run MOD APK

Here, we have mentioned almost mod features of Super Mario Run; please read them to make your gameplay extra accessible and enjoyable.

Move Mario Comfortably with A Single Tab

Super Mario Run has different endless running than other games like Tom Run Gold, Talking Tom Run Gold, Temple Run, and Subway Surfers. Because this game combines and covers the arena in certain horizontal 2D formats, characters are automatically run by touching the screen to make the character jump. But never think of this quite easy control mechanism because there will certainly be many hindrances such as monsters and holes. Play Zooba Mod Apk

Create Your Kingdom

Building your kingdom is certainly the most enjoyable feature of this game. Because it allows you to customize and modify your kingdom by purchasing your desired decorations and buildings. Moreover, in this regard, you need Toad citizens. You can set up almost 12 decorations and eight structures through the first map.

However, you will have to construct the Rainbow Bridge to unite the continents to expand the map. So, in case of placing the correct structures, you will be able to interact with certain personalities in a better way. The game lets you build homes that Lure Yoshi, Luigi, and Princess Peach. They all have unique skills that you can utilize in the game to your benefit.

Extremely Challenging Gameplay With Increasing Difficulty

At the start of the game, the gameplay performs easily, and players can comfortably be familiar with their gameplay. But as they progress toward the higher tires, the difficulty increases for sure and takes extra time.

Here, each game e has a certain challenge where you have to collect five pink coins, which gives the players enough help to reach a higher level. So, utilize your few hours to accomplish all the challenges and levels in Super Mario Run.

Intense action

Different Game Modes

Super Mario Run Mod offers different game modes, each with multiple channels. And in the World Tour Mode, your job is to rescue Princess Peach, who the evil Bowser kidnaps. To complete your mission, you must eliminate haunted houses, dangerous fields, and dark caves.

After joining the race through Toad Rally Mode, you can challenge other online players and friends worldwide. Furthermore, players must raise money to take the top spot on the map and other things.

Defeat All the Bosses 

After completing the last level in one world, you will have to encounter a boss. However, before moving on to the next world, you should defeat that boss. Bowers is Mario’s enemy and the first boss you will encounter. You need to pass him so that you could take the ax on the opposite side of the certain bridge and drop Brower into the hot boiling lava, like other classic games.

Boom Boom comes under the scope of the second boss and will exert to stop your powerfully. Please take a few jumps on his head, and he will be knocked down.

Unlock All-New Characters

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the skills of your characters that are affecting their performances, then you have options to access new characters. And each character contains its abilities. For instance, plumber Luigi has the capacity for high jumping.

Princess Peach has the skills of floating on water. Furthermore, in this game, almost 11 different characters are given, and you can select your favorite one. These are Yellow Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, Bule Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Toadette, Princess Daisy, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Mario. However, some characters are accessible initially, but you can unlock them with coins.

Download And Install Super Mario Run Mod Apk

Like other modified game versions, you can easily download and install this super Mario run modded apk by clicking our safe download link. And when downloading is completed, enable unknown sources from your smartphone and tap on the downloaded file to install.

Tackle Courses with unique challenges


Yes, you can download Super Mario Run full game free. But after purchasing the game, you can play all in-game modes without paying additional bucks. But before completing the purchase, you can utilize all four modes: Kingdome Build, Remix 10, Toad Rally, and World Tour.

Well, you cannot play the Super Mario Run game offline.

Yes, of course, the mod version of this game is 100% safe and secure in all aspects because all mod files are checked and scanned by anti-viruses before being added to our website.

Wrapping Up!

It can be said that Super Mario Run Mod is the latest phenomenon, mainly because of its innovation, well-designed and high-potential gameplay, and super Mario run mod apk all levels unlocked. The game is easy, and players can play it easily. Interesting challenges and additional mod features are enough reasons to download the Super Mario Run Mo version on your Android device.

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