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Swordigo Mod APK 1.4.6 Download (Unlimited Money And Health)

The original version was released back in 2012. Swordigo mod apk is the latest hacked modded version of this game. Finnish indie studio Touch Foo developed the incredible game. This game is quite similar to Zelda 2. Also, the gameplay is an adventure. swordigo is full of adventure and amusement. It’s specially made for those who don’t want to play games with casual gameplay.

Additionally, the download number reached 10 million, which shows how much the gaming community liked this game, but still, something was missing that’s why the makers brought swordigo 2.

About Swordigo Mod APK

Now play the hacked modded version of swordigo game. Swordigo game downloads on your devices and enjoy the same gameplay with more opportunities. Even the swordigo apk has reached one million downloads.

The whole gaming community turned towards sword dingo. Today’s generation likes to play games where they can have suspense and thrill, which they will have in swordigo trinkets. Now without wasting a second, swordigo 2 free to download on your devices.

What’s New?

There are so many additions in the swordigo cheat version. The main branch is ads-free. swordigo game download for pc or mobile and play-action gameplay without watching a single ad. Also, you’ll have a variety of new features in the swordigo mod apk max level. Moreover, the game file is free of any viruses and bugs.

So it won’t cause any harm to your devices. Though the original version has some issues, the hacked version is clear and clean. Till now, over a million people played this game, and they’re delighted with it.

Mod Features Of Swordigo Mod Apk:

Unlimited Money, Diamonds And Gems

If you want to enjoy this gameplay, you can do it quickly because you don’t have to pay anything to buy and unlock anything like you used to do in the original version. Swordigo mod apk unlimited gems, swordigo mod apk unlimited diamonds, and swordigo mod apk unlimited money will let you buy anything you need or want.

Just go to the game shoo and purchase anything you want without hesitation because swordigo mod apk 2022 is all about freebies. 

Ads Free

The worst thing is to watch unnecessary ads while playing any game. It breaks the rhythm and tempo of the game, and usually, players lose their interest in the gameplay just because of these silly ads. But swordigo download on your devices and enjoy this adventurous gameplay without watching a single ad.

Swordigo gameplay is entirely ad-free. Also, gamers prefer to play an ads-free version instead of the original one where they’ve to watch many ads while playing.


The graphics of this adventurous game is animated. The animation is made with the current tech. Also, the energy you use to watch animated series shows that animation quality will be the same as any other famous animated show. Currently, animated games are trending, and the gaming community likes this concept. So, the animation concept has made its place in gaming as well.

Unlimited Soul Shards And Complete Health

Food and elixirs are the two major essential assets of this game. You can get valuable shards and take them with you to feed the incredible. The unlimited elixirs will help you turn your eggs into significant rarity eggs. Additionally, it’ll help to increase the speed of the hatching process. Golden elixir will have the ability to turn silver eggs into golden eggs.

Meanwhile, the silver elixir will turn bronze eggs into silver eggs. Swordigo mod apk unlimited money and health download and enjoy everything unlimited. 

Premium Unlocked

All the premium features you’ll get in this hacked version and all of them will unlock. Unlike the original version, you won’t have to pay for premium features. You’ll get everything free of cost and open from the beginning. You can also see this: Criminal Case Mod Apk.

Other Features:

Unlocked Characters And Costumes

The game will have four characters. In the original version, only one feeling is unlocked. Meanwhile, you’ll have to pay to unlock the other three characters but calm down because this hacked version will give you access to all four characters free of cost. Also, you’ll have a variety of costumes available for all four characters, and you can choose any outfit for any surface.

Incredible Balls

You’ll have a fantastic quantity of incredible. It will be more than 300 in quantify. Also, it’ll be available in three categories. Such as protectors, seekers, and Inhalers. Protector will protect you from any harm. Inhalers will be there to inhale all the stars. Meanwhile, Seekers will find any three things from the level. In short, each of them will work in your favor differently. 


The sacred tree is significant in this game. Some bandits will snatch the legendary eggs that call incredible. Now the holy tree is not in good condition, and Incredibles are scattered everywhere in the world. Now it’s your responsibility to collect all the eggs from the snatchers so that the sacred tree can go back to its original condition. You’ll have levels in the game, and to go further, you’ll have to complete all the stories and defeat opponents.

Download Guide:

  1. Download the swordigo hacked version from the given link.
  2. Go to the file manager and then go to the download folder.
  3. To get installation permission, enable “unknown sources.”
  4. Now let’s finish the installation and wait for a while.
  5. Enjoy the game.


Yes, you can download it on any low-range mobile as well.

You’ll have 4 characters, and all of them are unlocked.

No, the game is fully ads-free. You won’t have to watch any ads.

Yes, you’ll have a variety of costumes available in the game, and you can dress up characters accordingly.


Save the sacred tree in swordigo mod apk. You’ll have various features to use to complete all the levels. Also, the addictive gameplay will give you the vibe of a hero.

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