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TiviMate IPTV Player Premium APK 4.7.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Everyone love to see movies and videos. So for this purpose, you have to install an LCD screen in your home. You require it to turn it into a lively place with all the shows and programs accessed over the Internet. If you don’t like to see movies on the big screen, here is a tivimate premium unlocked for you. 

Now, as a miracle to stop all these problems, Tivimate Premium appears as the best solution to monitor your TV with your mobile phone. Using the IPTV emulation solution, you will see all kinds of videos and movies every time. 

About Tivimate APK

The recreation tivimate premium mod apk succeeds with a premium version that gives you more access to your TV channels. Also, the connection on this recreation is via IP. You do need to use the traditional cable system. Usually, we all have an addiction to admiring modern and exciting things, and tivimate cracked apk is the classification of application you enjoy most. So everyone here is always looking for new and exciting things. You can stream any type of TV channel, regional or international. Moreover, you don’t have to pay a subscription; it is free to use and unlimited.

What’s New?

The tivimate premium latest version is brought about for smartphones to stream IPTV channels and movies. IPTV is becoming very famous and prominent in this modern era. Their service uses Internet Protocol to access media channels and films. Which is moderately less sophisticated than cable systems used in previous years. Moreover, the connection in the intimate application is more secure and sophisticated. In addition, it is offering the possibility to select all olive and TV channels that are not possible and readily available with traditional cable types.

Mod And Other Features:

Excellent User Interface: 

Now the user can stop and resume all TV channels and movies in the same interface as a larger screen. They are using the tivimate premium app, whether it’s a TV series, a movie, or any other show. Now you have the alternative to stream them very rapidly. The tivimate premium features create current shows and movies relatively understandable and entertaining with a user-friendly interface.

Watch The Show Whenever You Want:

With the ability to schedule your favorite shows and movies, you can surpass everything. Furthermore, using the tivimate premium apk, you can turn any device and smartphone into a TV. Also, you only have to select movies, TV shows, and schedules. On the other hand, the most significant thing while manipulating this application is to empower the perfect streaming IPTV experience like a large screen.

Premium Features:

The main advantage of using this application is that you can freely unlock all the premium features. Also, utilize them according to your desires. The user often sees updates released by developers to enjoy movies and TV shows without any fixes and bugs. Consequently, there are no restrictions on watching movies, TV shows, etc. Secondly, you can easily access all the features and options of your choice.

IPTV Synced With Your Device:

If you want to simplify the manipulation of this app, you must have to use IPTV. If the user already knows how IPTV works, they have a clear idea of it. The user must connect their device to the sync process. Once you have done the sync process, you can quickly and easily learn history and activities. Moreover, syncing is very beneficial as it uses several devices. Whether it is a tv program, drama, or any other video you saw earlier. So you can conveniently start seeing from where you stopped last time.


There are no strict and hard rules to use and control the application. Your online-touched click will be enough to fulfill your desires. Tivimate premium apk is one of the best IPTV service emulation applications currently available. The user can manipulate this application to access the Internet and enjoy entertainment effortlessly. You can content via LCD TV and wherever you want to see it. The article will surely help you better understand the features and the use of this application.

Additionally, these services are only available to intelligent LCD TV users, but with emulator applications like tivimate apk. They work excellently on smartphones. Nowadays. In this modern age, it’s somewhat susceptible to use this app. Due to this, it’s become a tradition to stream movies and TV shows on smartphones and any device. You may also like Alight Motion Mod Apk

How To Download:

  1. If anyone is willing to install the app on any Android device, then they have to follow the following steps.
  2. First of all, open the google play store on your Android and search tivimate premium apk.
  3. Secondly, tap n the option install.           
  4. Now, accept all operations and requests given by the application.
  5. After that, enter your cell number and tap on send verification code.
  6. Now enter that verification code into your android and tap on verify.
  7. Finally, after complete verification, you can use the tivimate apk freely.


The app is entirely free of cost with unlimited features. Also, you can conveniently download this recreation on your android device. 

The cost of the tivimate premium apk for ios is $4.99 per year. Also, it is applicable for up to 5 devices.

For the tivimate premium apk download, you have to install the intimate application from the google play store. Then you can easily unlock the tivimate premium subscription.

The tivimate premium apk cracked can use without rooting the device. It does not require root access; it functions on both rooted and unrooted appliances.


After knowing about the unique applications, now you can make your life as easy as possible. All of the complications have been removed by doing with the touch of a fingertip. Also, it eliminates all the hassle of manual buttons, controls via remote control. By using the tivimate premium apk, all the premium features will unlock for free. Also, be fixed up with bug fixes and ad-free features.

Moreover, All of these occur entirely free and a blessing for all. So let’s download the application and know how much tivimate premium is. Entertain yourself and have a great time with your little TV adventure anytime, anywhere.

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